Research Interests

I am a cryptographer working in the area of information security and privacy. I am interested in both present and future real-world protocols like SSL/TLS and decentralized cryptographic currency, credential, and smart contract systems, especially when they involve questions of privacy and anti-surveillance. I am also interested in ethical dilemmas arising from the use of such new technologies.

I am fascinated by the intersection of formal verification, foundations of cryptography and applied cryptography. Applied cryptography needs different foundations than theoretical cryptography, and I believe the former are best built on formal verification.

Privacy-enhancing cryptographic protocols

  • Anonymous credentials
  • Privacy for cryptographic currencies and the blockchain
  • Verifiable computation and secure cloud computing
  • Anonymous communication
  • Data anonymization and differential privacy
  • Functional encryption

Formal verification of protocol implementations

  • Secure channels
  • Cryptographic APIs
  • Verified cryptographic libraries