Multiple Postdoc and PhD positions at University of Edinburgh

Worried about surveillance? Concerned about mistakes in security proofs and bugs in software? Curious about what blockchain technology will look like after the crypto-currency bubble?

At the University of Edinburgh we design new techniques for IOHK‘s Cardano blockchain based on scientific principles using mathematical proofs, modern programming languages, and formal semantics. Join as a Postdoc or PhD to work on blockchain privacy, and zero-knowledge. Multiple positions are available.

Centralized Randomness and Updates in WordPress

Every day is an adventure. This guide for installing wordpress suggests to use randomness from Centrally generated randomness is the digital panopticon par excellence. Not that anyone is using it—but they could be.

Uptodate software is paramount for security, so is restricting the file access rights of the webserver. Apparently wordpress administrators have to choose between the two.